Am I Whitney and Mariah from The Prince of Egypt soundtrack? Because this week felt like a miracle. A MIRACLE OF LIGHTS AND POUNDS LOST PROPHESIED BY THE GREAT AND POWERFUL OPRAH. Ok, maybe not that, but I had a raucous birthday party and I didn’t gain weight. I LOST 5 lbs. Let me try to explain.

Weight Watchers always talks about planning. If you’re going to a restaurant, look at the menu ahead of time, do meal prep, plan to drink a glass of water in between every drink, plan what your indulgences will be, etc etc. This week, I KNEW that I was going to do whatever I wanted at my birthday party. I’m naturally a fairly spontaneous person and for that night, I didn’t want to feel guilty about that.  I decided to not count my points just this one weekend, because it was a planned indulgence. An indulgence of an ungodly number of adult beverages, cheeseballs, onion dip, cheeseballs IN onion dip, cheese balls in onion dip floating in adult beverages... You get the picture. However, because I knew I was gonna get crunk and GO CRAZY ( jk, we just danced a lot) at this party, I was adamant about working out and being 4 below my daily points every day so they would roll over.

Generally, I’d have lied to myself and said, “I’m only going to have two drinks on my birthday party and I’ll eat salads all day, so I can eat what I want that week.”... which would have turned into 6 sugary drinks I hadn’t planned for, maybe some shotts, a few impromptu appetizers and a drunk munchies sandwich WITH fries AND ranch plz at the end of the night. I would’ve felt guilty the next day and set back my goal. Anticipating that this would be my behavior and also deciding this was something I wanted to indulge in, I planned around it the days before and after. It was almost like working really hard to save money for a nice trip. I went on the trip, mentally prepared myself for the trip and didn’t feel deprived or guilty because I got to take the trip. Oprah takes lots of trips, so this analogy clearly ties in well.

My weight loss miracle was completely mental. If you feel deprived, it is way more likely you’ll make poor choices. Especialy when alcohol is involved, those poor choices kind of compound until you ignore/forget the fact you were even trying to be healthy at all. This leads to making more impulsive decisions ( ie-Seamlessing like 3 meals at once bc you’re drunk and “so hungry”…. I’ve done it.), feeling guilty about those poor decisions and continuing to make poor decisions because you’ve lost yourself. Being realistic with yourself is the best way to bypass this.

If a new behavior is SO outlandish and SO different from something you’re used to, you can’t just jump into it or it won’t stick. You have to test the waters first, get comfortable and learn the best way to swim without your cute little floaties. Otherwise you’ll jump into the freezing water, scream a lot and then barrel out of it with your boob out of your bikini top. Nobody wants that, ok? Take care of yourself and don’t beat yourself up. Oprah wouldn’t want that.

This Week's HOT Takes:

  • DRINK ENOUGH WATER. It helps you lose weight. A trainer at Equinox once told me you should be drinking half of your body weight in ounces, more if you exercise. So if you’re 200lbs, you should be drinking at least 100oz of water per day. I LOVE these water bottles because they’re light and hold a lot.

  • Pre- hard boiled eggs are 0 points and make for a great lunch, even by themselves. They’re sold pretty much anywhere and are great if you’re unable to even cook an egg, like myself.

  • If you’re a cream cheese junkie, like myself, get whipped cream cheese--- it feels like you’re eating more, but for less points.