Melinda's Meetings

You. Guys. WEEK ONE. Oprah feels so close, yet, so far away. I lost 4.6 lbs this week and attended my first meeting EVER. I’ve done Weight Watchers previously, but never the meetings because A) I was embarrassed to admit I was overweight and thought going to meetings was broadcasting it ( like people can’t see me?) and B) after watching THIS Little Britain sketch, it’s hard to take seriously. Listen, it’s still kind of hard to take seriously, my meeting leader Melinda really does use a big notepad and marker to boldly write things like “commitment” and “planning.” We get stickers for sharing our experiences, there are cheesy sayings with pictures of Oprah splashed across the walls, matching lime green chairs— the works. Normally my eyes would have rolled out of my head, past the WW branded mug cakes for sale in the lobby and down 23rd street, but I decided it's ok to think it's all a bit much and still give in. Why be too cool? Nobody ever lost weight being too cool. Unless they just did a shit ton of coke.

Gotta admit, I was equally as embarrassed about these meetings as I was skeptical. However, after sitting in a lime green chair beside Wall Oprah and other people who are working hard to change themselves, I realized it only feels embarrassing because society shames people for being overweight. That shame is what’s led me to eventually gain back weight many o' time and listening to others, I realized breaking out of that thought process is going to be the key to my success. (And to Oprah.)

This one girl cried her way through a story about being terrified to eat in front of people and how she never eats while walking down the street for fear of judgment. Many times she’d be running from work to after work activities with no time to eat, but wouldn’t dare crack open a granola bar, scared of people's side eye. “Of course the fat girl is eating. She has no control.” I cried with her, because I’ve felt that way before and because you should never have to feel ashamed of your existence. She’s lost 50 lbs so far and now eats an apple on her way home almost every day. I cried at that too. But what kind of episode of Oprah would this be if we didn’t cry AT LEAST twice?

Meetings may have felt embarrassing at first, but after hearing this cast of characters speak and feeling how supportive they are, I’m sold. I never spoke, just listened, and every time I almost made a less than great decision this week, I heard their stories or suggestions in my head. I really like them. Even the many women who are much much thinner than me--which I was not expecting. I also like the woman who can’t figure out how to eat enough points, the mother of the bride trying to fit into a dress for her daughter’s wedding and Ralph who looks/sounds like a chorus boy from Jersey Boys and constantly says, “I need to do what’s right for Ralph.” He’s right. Only in my case, I need to do what’s right for Oprah. And what’s right for Oprah is to keep going to these meetings because accountability is 100% the reason I lost weight this week.

This Week's HOT Takes:

  • Weight Watchers 0 Point Noodles. I think they taste great and really simulate regular pasta.
  • Tomato sauce is 0 points. You can add lean ground turkey (0) and onions(0) easily, plus the 0 WW pasta, & YOUR WHOLE FILLING, YUMMY MEAL, is 0 points.
  • This 3 Point BAGEL recipe. (Can be made GF, like I did) It's ACTUALLY great.
  • Use Non-Fat Greek yogurt (0) as a replacement for literally anything: sour cream, cream, cheese. It will make any dish creamier and more filling. My fav is Fage 0%.

Stay tuned for next week when I talk more about being a gd lush and staying on course.